Nauvoo House Pricing


All housing options at Nauvoo House Apartments are for shared bedrooms

There are a limited number of Single Semester Contracts available. Submit a Waiting List application if you are interested.
Please refer to the following chart for pricing. All prices for the Nauvoo House includes all Utilities and Unlimited Laundry.

Semester Check In Check Out Apartment Type Price/Semester Contract
Spring & Fall 2014 18-Apr-201412-Sept-2014 24-Jul-201420-Dec-2014 Women $1,199/$1,199 Full. Try La Jolla Apts
Men $1,149/$1,149 Sign Up Now
Spring 2014 18-Apr-2014 24-Jul-2014 Women $1,249 Full. Try La Jolla Apts
Men $1,199 Sign Up Now
Summer Break 2014  24-Jul-2014  12-Sept-2014 Women $400 Sign Up Now
Men $400 Sign Up Now
Fall 2014 12-Sept-2014 20-Dec-2014 Women $1,249 Sign Up Now
Men $1,199 Sign Up Now

  • Security Deposit $175 ($25 non-refundable contract initiation fee and $150 refundable deposit)
  • $50.00 Discount given per Semester with purcahse of dual semester contract.
  • Premium Men’s Rooms available, ask Manager for Details.

We now accept MasterCard, Visa. and eCheck (ACH).

Give us a call at the office for more information 208-356-7756

Or login to the Resident Portal to make your rent payment


We Also Accept BitCoin! Please contact us HERE (or e-mail if you would like to make a payment using BitCoin.